Annamrita Foundation is a secular non-for-profit organisation that strives to fight Poverty driven Hunger and school dropout in India.

Why Satvik meals to Children

The Kid’s Healthy Eating Plate is a visual guide to help educate and encourage children to eat well and keep moving. At a glance, the graphic features examples of best-choice foods to inspire the selection of healthy meals and snacks, and it emphasizes physical activity as part of the equation for staying healthy.

Eating a variety of foods keeps our meals interesting and flavorful. It’s also the key to a healthy and balanced diet because each food has a unique mix of nutrients—both mac­ronutrients (carbohydrate, protein, and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). The Kid’s Healthy Eating Plate provides a blueprint to help us make the best eating choices.
Along with filling half of our plate with colorful vegetables and fruits (and choosing them as snacks), split the other half between whole grains and healthy protein


A majority of the population in India is still unable to get at least one complete square meal a day. As one of the most active food NGOs in India, Annamrita has resolved to liberate the underprivileged children from the vicious cycle of poverty and illiteracy by serving them sanctified and nutritious mid day meals. We aim to provide the children with ‘satvik ahaar’ that helps them with the right nutrition in their formative years.

The recipients of the mid day meal primarily consist of children from slum and tribal areas. For many the food we provide may be the only meal they receive during the entire day. So, we strive to ensure that the mid day meal is healthy, nutritious and packed with all the important fibers, vitamins and nutrients required for the healthy growth of the child. Our food is customized as per the regional or local taste and provisions by the government.