Annamrita Foundation is a secular non-for-profit organisation that strives to fight Poverty driven Hunger and school dropout in India.

Objective of the Mid-Day Meal as conceived by the government

Ever since the Supreme Court of India in its direction in 2001 linked the feeding Programme of the children to quality education Programme of Government.

 To ensure that lesser number of children in the age group 6-14 go to school hungry.
 This resulted in encouraging poor families to enroll their children in Government schools and thereby enable them to guarantee at least one square meal a day.
 It was designed to provide nutritiously cooked afternoon meal every day to every child enrolled in a Government school. The meal not only fights hunger, it brings a hungry child’s attention back to the lessons, and it also encourages out-of-school children to get enrolled so that they can at least be assured of one wholesome meal every day.

MDM Scheme has attempted to address the fundamental problems of Health, Nutrition, Education, and overall development of children in the country by implementing the Programme all over the country
 Besides ensuring education, nutrition and health the Annamrita mid-day meal program is known to lead to higher attention spans, better concentration, and improved child performance
Annamrita program follows a three tier PPP(Public-Private Partnership) framework that has helped the foundation scale up its operations from 900 children to 1.2 million children, in the last 17 years. The quality meals from Annamrita has provided parents, a strong incentive to send children to school, thereby encouraging enrollment and reducing absenteeism and dropout rates.